Promoting your business or service on Facebook is a very important step to be taken care of since Facebook introduced their Business Pages around a decade ago. The benefits of having fans or Facebook are definitely huge, you will attract thousands of potential customers and the more fans you have, […]

Most surfers today at least thought about having their own web site. After finishing your site you may start looking for good free hosting. But is there a catch with the free web page hosting providers? Generally speaking nothing is free. Just think about how do free hosting providers stay […]

Hosting your web sites on a dedicated server seems expensive in comparison to shared web hosting that is way more affordable web hosting, but in the end benefits are many. Shared web page hosting (even if managed well), can not be 100% reliable, especially if it’s free. But if you […]

Online you will find many offering different packages on different platforms, each web hosting provider claiming theirs is the best and why you should host with them. So who to believe? Which platform should you go with for your website? There is no easy answer to this question, all of […]

How can I upload my site online? You can buy any shared hosting that you think would suit your needs. Decent companies include: Namecheap Hostwinds THCServers CrocWeb TMDHosting KnownSRV WPXHosting The most common way of uploading your site is using FTP programs.When you sign up for a package, your web […]