Benefits of Ecommerce Web Hosting service with a Dedicated Server

Hosting your web sites on a dedicated server seems expensive in comparison to shared web hosting that is way more affordable web hosting, but in the end benefits are many. Shared web page hosting (even if managed well), can not be 100% reliable, especially if it’s free. But if you had your own dedicated server, you can avoid most of the problems affecting the reliability and stability of a server, that shared hosting accounts can not. Some of the potential problems may be overload, bad codes and scripts from other shared accounts.

On a dedicated web server only applications you need will be installed, but on a shared hosting server there will be many applications installed which will slow down the response time.

A dedicated server will make your site independent and isolate your site from problems associated with having many sites on the same server. With a dedicated server hosting you can provide quick support to your clients whenever you need, which is not possible if you are on a shared server. A reliable and fast support service is important for your own ecommerce business development as well as the stability and reliability is for you website.

The need for a dedicated server to your average shared server user is reflected when logs tell you how quickly people leave your site because it was taking too much time to load or how many visitors you are not getting, because your site was not up. The loss of visitors equals the loss of profits for any business and that loss could easily be covered by the price a dedicated server.
For any top business company, be it a web page design, reseller, email hosting, or anything else, a website that is quickly downloadable and is always up gives your visitors impression that your service is reliable, and it will increase your chance of making a sale. It will also improve the image of your company and encourage existing customers to refer you. In conclusion, for any serious website, having a dedicated server is a must.