Best Shared Web Hosting Providers

How can I upload my site online?

You can buy any shared hosting that you think would suit your needs.

Decent companies include:

  • Namecheap
  • Hostwinds
  • THCServers
  • CrocWeb
  • TMDHosting
  • KnownSRV
  • WPXHosting

The most common way of uploading your site is using FTP programs.
When you sign up for a package, your web host will provide you with an FTP account. Using programs such as Smartftp or CuteFTP, you can access your host’s FTP server. Then you should be able to just drag and drop files onto your site’s server.

What are MS SQL, Perl, ASP, PHP, MySQL, ?

PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor, script that runs on a server.
ASP – Active Server Pages, runs on a server.
Perl – runs on a server as well.
Every scripting language has its own benefits and uses.
MySQL and MS SQL are database systems languages with which you can organize your data with.

How can I keep track of how many visitors my web site gets?

Hits is the number of pages and images requested from your web site. If one web page has 7 pictures in it, requesting the web page means 8 hits (one page + 7 images).
Impressions represents how many times pages on your website were requested. Impressions, also called hits, which causes confusion
Uniques – the number of unique visitors that looked at (requested) your site
Tracking your site’s visitors can be done on server-side or remotely. With server statistics, your web host should collect and keep log files which store visitor information. This is generally more accurate than remote tracking. In such cases, you must add a scripting language to your web site that is used to track visitors.

What is Website Hosting?

It is service of renting bandwidth and file storage through a server with which you can put your web site online.
Free hosting is usually sponsored with advertisements and but paid website host gives you a domain name and complete control over your web site.

How is Windows web site hosting different than Linux web hosting?

If you need to support Microsoft languages or software such as MSSQL or ASP.NET, VBScript or IIS, then you must use Windows servers. Linux server is much more common with domain hosting providers because it free and relatively more stable. Linux web hosting is mostly cheaper than Windows one.

What is uptime?

Uptime is time when your site is accessible online throughout a period, usually a day. Most web hosts offer 99.9% or more uptime guarantee. This means that if your site is not accessible for more than half an hour in a given month, they should compensate you, depending on their TOS.

What is managed website hosting

Managed domain hosting is for webmasters who like to have web host provider maintain and monitor their dedicated servers, OS and other applications.

What is shared web site hosting?

Also known as virtual, it is web site hosting that should be satisfactory for most small business web hosting needs. It means that your website is on a shared server that hosts more then just your site. Very few sites need the power of a dedicated server (single net server per website), so this option is reliable and affordable.

Can I get a cable line or DSL line and webhost from my own computer?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea for the following reasons. Most internet providers will not let you use your residential cable modem line or a DSL line for webhosting. You may have to get a more expensive ecommerce hosting plan. DSL and cable lines have low upload bandwidth, so your web site will be slow with heavy traffic. Cable and DSL lines are much less reliable than packages with dedicated T1 or better connection. You will not have the benefit of data backup, computing power and security that a paid webhost can offer.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the account owner may split up their plan’s storage space and bandwidth and resell web hosting.

Do I have to change my domain name if I get a new server?

No, if your domain name is registered in your name or name of your business company, you should be able to update it with your new web hosting provider.

Should I just go with a very cheap web hosting?

A web host has to have revenue to continue operating. Some providers may be under-pricing themselves and are counting on their users not to use up all the resources, web hosting services or unlimited bandwidth they may offer.