How to get 100 Facebook Fans

Promoting your business or service on Facebook is a very important step to be taken care of since Facebook introduced their Business Pages around a decade ago.

The benefits of having fans or Facebook are definitely huge, you will attract thousands of potential customers and the more fans you have, the better ranking your fan page URL will get on SERPs.

A recent study has shown that Facebook Pages that have more than 100 Facebook Fans index in the first few pages of Google for your keywords and this brings a lot of organic traffic to your page, passing the SEO juice and traffic to your target product on your website.

If you are new into the SEO game, you will sooner or later learn how Fan Pages affect indexing your posts – let’s say you created a blog post today and you may have noticed it would usually take a few days or weeks for that post to be indexed and picked up by search engines.

Having a good Facebook page and sharing your post there will help you get that achieved in a matter of hours, without waiting for spiders and crawlers to pick up your blog post.

Having more Facebook Fans also tells a lot about you to your potential clients – the more they are the higher chances you got for visitors on your Fan Page to like it and interact with you in the future.

As a beginner into Facebook pages, you may find it really hard to get your first few fans and reaching one hundred fans on Facebook may be a devastating task for you.

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